Travel FAQs


What can I expect from traveling? Travel healthcare professionals can expect to be working at the top healthcare facilities across the country. The ability to work in multiple states can typically increase your salary, give you the chance to travel the country, and the opportunity to take more time off.

You always have the support of your Alegiant Team member to assist you throughout your travel experience.

How long are the assignments? Typical contracts are 13 to 26 weeks, however we are here to help negotiate terms according to the needs of our clients and many times, we can customize a travel assignment to YOUR needs.

What happens when I accept an assignment? Your Alegiant Team member will walk you through a simple process. To get started we will need to fill out all necessary employment paperwork. You will have all the details before your start date to smoothly transition into your new assignment.

What about housing for my assignment? We assist you in the expense of getting from one assignment to the next with our travel reimbursement allowance. There are many situations in which candidates like to get a feel for the area first and locate their own housing; we are flexible to meet your housing needs whether you are traveling with a companion(s), pets, or alone.

Your comfort is our priority.

How am I paid? Alegiant pays on a weekly basis. You will receive your first check the week after you start. Weekly direct deposit go right into your account every week thereafter.

What if I need help while traveling away from home? Understand that the Alegiant Team is here to help! All staff members are trained to provide the best possible customer service to you. Your ally in your travel experience will be the same Alegiant Team member throughout your Alegiant employment. They will be available to you 24/7

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